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Will All Earthquake Worries Soon Be A Thing Of The Past?

Twin Towers in Dubai
Twin Towers in Dubai

It is true, Dubai is not a terribly earthquake-prone part of the world anyway – but on the other hand, nobody knows what’s going on in the center of our planet and where the next big one is really going to strike. So we all might find some comfort in the fact that the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority just a few days ago unveiled some new analysis and earthquake engineering software for the evaluation of high-rise towers under its jurisdiction. After all in Dubai, the building of high-rises has gone to some fascinating new dimensions. Personally, I am very glad that this has been done by the authorities. And according to the buzz around computer programmers, this new software is really quite revolutionary.

Isn’t it amazing anyway that these days even buildings are operated by computers? Well, on the other hand it only seems right that they would have to start to “think” – because isn’t there now just so much to coordinate?

Here’s what Mohammad Al Bahri, the Director of Zoning Authority Development Control at DTMFZA, had to say about the matter: “Through our association with a leading software developer for seismic and wind analysis and design for high-rises, we hope to provide a quality review of projects to create safe and quake-proof structures.” (I really wonder which “leading software developer” he meant…!)

I can only say: At last! But then it is so impressive how much is right now going on in Dubai in terms of new technology. But I have to add: Fortunately! After all, Dubai more and more looks like it stepped right out of a science fiction movie (but one with a very gifted director indeed!), so I am very relieved to learn that in fact it does NOT ONLY look that way, but that they are actually working on maintaining and developing the adequate technologies that the high-tech capital of the world deserves!

Apparently, this is in line with observations more and more people have made within the last couple of months: That Dubai and its officials are becoming more and more security aware. This is not to say that their standards were bad before (after all Dubai isn’t Nairobi!), but recently they have really become quite impressive. Well, this is exactly the way they should be, isn’t it?