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It’s October in Dubai :-)

Now YOU can be jealous of us.

It is true – in July and August WE often were the jealous ones – because those months in Dubai are not always so bearable… But who cares! In September it got a lot better and now in October it is really cool. Note that by cool I don’t mean the temperature.

In the summer Dubai was a furnace. And don’t get me wrong, it is still hot – but then also I would say that now it is JUST RIGHT! What really matters is that the humidity of the air is a lot lower. This fact makes all the difference in the world. Temperature-wise, actually just a few degrees were dropped. But the subjective difference is HUGE!

And maybe I am also being slightly malicious. Now I don’t care that sometimes during the summer I caught myself fantasizing about Europe – NOW all the news I get from there are about snow, rain, and wind. Call me malicious – but that makes me feel great!

Like everywhere in the Western world – and of course Dubai does belong to it! – the spirit of Christmas is already visible – especially when one goes shopping. In the malls more and more Christmas tree are already being put up. It’s strange somehow – I know that this is an Islamic country, yet I see all those decorations. Yes, Christmas here is definitely very different than in Europe.

For sure there won’t be snow… That much is a given if one considers the average temperature in December: A perfect 21 degrees centigrade!

No snow… But wait a minute, we got huge artificial islands, an artificial creek, certainly artificial watering all over the place – so why not build a machine that makes it snow!? After all this is Dubai, the city that makes dreams come true! I’ll have to talk to the Emir…