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What’s more hip, Doha or Dubai?

Here are the facts:
Both of them are located on the Arabic side of the Persian Gulf, and they both are capitals of emirates…
…though Dubai City, the capital of Dubai, is a member of the United Arab Emirates, while Doha is the capital of the completely independent emirate of Qatar. (Actually, here the question comes up why this Qatar never joined the UAE. Do they think they’re better?? Anyway, I have to concede that a small strip of land, occupied by Saudi Arabia, separates Qatar from the UAE, it would hence have been an exclave.)

Here’s what I would see as the main item they have in common: Both of them were, virtually completely, built after the 1970’s, and each of of them has a huge expat community, and in Dubai and in Doha, these form the majority of the population. In the Arabic world it is very uncommon for foreigners to be allowed to own properties, but there are two very notable exception: Doha and Dubai. These places also allow followers of religions other than Islam to worship, and even to organize a community life.

So there are some real major similarities. I’d say we can almost call the two of them twins. The fact that they both begin with a D might lack in real significance – but for me it somehow underlines the common ground they have, if only in an anaesthetic fashion.

Dubai has a population of 2.2 million – and Doha’s is less than half. And for me size does matter. I mean, if you build a complete fantasy city, a real-life Disneyland into the desert, then, if this kind of thing fascinates you, then why go for the second-best?? It just doesn’t make any sense. Dubai is the amazing record-holder, and Doha is the cheap copy. I mean, sorry, but that’s my opinion. If there was a Dubai-like place bigger than my Dubai, I would betray Dubai in a heartbeat and go there, even if, God forbid, Doha were some day to overtake the proportions of Dubai, then that would mean farewell to Dubai for me. But I just don’t see this happening. Dubai is the trendsetter, the first true third-millennium metropolis, the city of incredible dreams turned into concrete, and no one is going to overtake it – any time.

It’s the same with Facebook and Myspace. Facebook is so much more hip. And while Myspace is actually very, very hip too, it is nevertheless completely useless – because Facebook does exist.