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The Time to Invest In Dubai Is RIGHT NOW

And I Am Saying This Today, On November 28, 2009, MARK MY WORDS!!
Oh my God! How amazing events are! So Dubai has declared it will have to slow down in paying back bank loans. And, as it is a completely normal occurrence in today’s economy, the markets react immediately.

This can only mean one thing, and, you know what, I am “telling you this as a friend”…:-)))

It means… that RIGHT NOW is the absolutely perfect time to invest…especially in Dubai’s real estate sector.
Mark my words, I beg you. It is now November 28, and in a couple of days this will be old news. But I am telling you NOW: Do invest. Or at least, this would be smart…
Dubai is having some “problems”…yeah, big deal.
One should not forget that the assets that Dubai has are built in steel and concrete. They cannot disappear quite so easily. They are a lot more substantial than bonds written on paper…
Now, when markets temporarily go down, as they have now, then this is not a reason to panic, but – quite the opposite: Be cool. Make a buying decision. In the case of Dubai this is going to be smart.
I mean, I am not a fortune teller. But this is what I am saying right now. The future will show if I am right. But, if this is any comfort for you, this is where I put my own money.