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OMG, the Countdown for the Burj Dubai is on!

So, my personal New Year will be coming on January 4 – that’s when the Burj Dubai will finally be opening! I expect, then the financial crisis will really and completely be old news, and people will again be focusing on the future.Because the Burj Dubai is not only the most aesthetic high rise that has ever been built, but it also holds another, more objective historic record: It is not only the tallest building, but also structure ever built by man.

But I realize, lately they have been making a lot of “highest buildings ever”, and it is hard to keep track of the current one. The times when the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago ruled from 1974 until 1998 seemed to be over. In the age of globalization, when many Asian countries became important and rich business forces, but having an insatiable hunger for prestige, the world’s tallest buildings have come and gone before one could even notice.

But with the Burj Dubai we seem to be entering into a new era: No-one knows how long its reign is going to last. That’s because it is truly in a league of its own: It is an incredible 818 meters high, while its predecessor, the Taipei 101 measures only 509 meters, while the one before that, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are 452 meters high. So we see: The Burj clearly opens up new dimensions, and maybe in 100 years, we or rather our great-grandchildren will all still be talking about it…or maybe not! That’s one part of the beauty: We just don’t know.
But did you know that tallest building does not necessarily mean tallest structure?
And did you know that the KVLY-TV mast in Blanchard, North Dakota, was the tallest man-made structure on Earth until…the Burj Dubai surpassed it? That means that now, for the very first time in many decades, the crown for highest building AND highest man-made structure go to the same holder: The Burj Dubai.

The Burj Dubai is in fact the tallest structure ever made by man – and we can say: ALTHOUGH it is a building. That’s because those TV masts have very unfair advantages: Not only are they extremely thin and light, they are also held by gigantic wires…and thus not free-standing. But so what, the Burj beats them all! And let me just point out that it does not do so with some silly antenna on its roof or its pinnacle – but with its very own built structure, actually WITH its roof, which is about 50 meters higher than that TV mast in North Dakota…but then, of course, the Burj also has an antenna on top to make it even higher (by about 80 meters), though for being as amazing as it is, this would have been completely not needed.
So, pretty cool, right?