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Welcome to Dubai, Hang-Over Capital of the World…and Most Certainly the Middle East ;-)

They say that Brits drink too much…but Dubaians clearly can down a whole lot more. Maybe that’s because all the REAL Brits have come here b’cause over here it’s so much more cool… And I am of course just not talking about Emerati…nor exclusively about us expats, but about US DUBAIANS, which means the new super-international nation of all of us here in Dubai!

Yesterday’s party was wild…but that is not what I am going to write this blog entry about. I don’t mean to give you all the sordid details, but I do want to stress that we all survived it and that there was NO Islamic morality police that arrested us. Some of us virtually drank ourselves to death yesterday, that is true, but that is our own business. The point is that we have the right to do so, and no-one is stopping us.

So, this time around New Year’s Eve was wilder than ever before. You know why? B’cause we got something more important than the beginning of this year to celebrate: THE END OF THE RECESSION! At last:-)

But I personally devoted many vodkas to the spirit of Dubai and the New Islam symbolized by it: The new and TOLERANT brand of Islam. You can’t even get it like this in Turkey or Egypt – just here.

This is something that Dubai should start to export as soon as possible. I am sure it would be a big hit in places like Iran, Yemen, Sudan, or Saudi Arabia. If only they permitted it in! But I am sure that some day they will, because reason usually prevails, and this will all be thanks to Dubai! I drink to that, cheers. Green tea, by the way…