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January 17th, 2010

The Burj Khalifa and the New World Record in BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is one of the coolest city sports of the new millennium. For it, you need a parachute, but no aeroplane, because BASE stands for: Building, Antenna, Span (meaning bridge), Earth (and that could be something like a mountain or a cliff). Video inside…
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January 7th, 2010

Why the Burj Dubai became the Burj Khalifa

What a story! All the time we were counting the days until the opening of the Burj Dubai…only so in the moment of this happening we would be stunned that it ain’t the Burj Dubai no more. This name change is catchy, flashy and a PR masterpiece, but mostly, it is immensely political.
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January 1st, 2010

Welcome to Dubai, Hang-Over Capital of the World…and Most Certainly the Middle East ;-)

They say that Brits drink too much…but Dubaians clearly can down a whole lot more. Maybe that’s because all the REAL Brits have come here b’cause over here it’s so much more cool… And I am of course just not talking about Emerati…nor exclusively about us expats, but about US DUBAIANS, which means the new super-international nation of all of us here in Dubai!
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